Volunteer coaches are essential to our club, running training sessions, controlling on court activity in games, mentoring young people and sharing our passion for the game. Quality coaching is a critical factor in ensuring that all players have an enjoyable experience in our club.

We aim to support our coaches through their own learning and to provide opportunities for them to learn from other coaches within the club.  

All coaches at the Ginninderra Rats Basketball Club must share in our club values (link to relevant page), support our Junior Coaching Policy (link) and undertake relevant clearance with the Working with Vulnerable People (Background Checking) Act 2011.  As volunteers, online registration is free.

If you are interested in coaching with us at the Ginninderra Rats Basketball Club please contact

Coach Education

Our club recognises the value in formal coach training and education, regardless of what level you are at. Coach Education can help provide a novice coach skills and confidence, help a more established coach learn new trick or move to that next level, and for all coaches, build a network of coaches for ideas and support.

Coach education sessions will be periodically promoted to our members via our latest news, direct email and social media.

The Club has established a Junior Technical Director to help provide support across the entire junior program, working with all coaches to improve their confidence and skills in building a training program and developing quality training sessions. The Junior Technical Director is also be available, at individual coach’s request, to work with junior teams during their specific training times to support specific skill development in areas of identified need.

The Junior Technical Director can be contacted on