If you are at the courts this weekend and love the new Rats uniform as much as we do, maybe you were also wondering about the meaning behind the Indigenous design? Created by former Rats junior Shaenice Allan, here’s the detail on the design that so beautifully reflects our diverse and inclusive club.

This artwork was created by Shaenice Allan for the Ginninderra Rats Basketball Club in 2020. The artwork comprises three elements, which can be used individually or together on Club uniforms, collateral and communication materials.

The first element represents basketball players in our Club colours.
The U is the Aboriginal symbol for person.

The second element represents our players congregating together for the same purpose – basketball. The blue circle represents a meeting place for all of our players and the white U’s around the meeting place are our players.

The dark pathways with footprints leading off in different directions represent our players progressing along a variety of different sporting pathways.

The third element also represents meeting places with the three meeting circles depicting the three levels of support. The first circle represents our players’ families, the second circle shows the other players who support them and the third circle represents the staff, coaches and other volunteers who help run the Club and support the players in many ways.

In most instances, the artwork should be used as a subtle feature to acknowledge the past, present and future contribution of Indigenous players in our Club and our respect for the Ngunnawal lands on which we train and play.